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Elsewhere Revisited

For a while now, as you may know, I’ve been contemplating moving this blog to either my own personal site or a more active blogging site like WordPress or Blogger. Well the decision has been made that I will blog from my own personal site, though blogging there won’t be a reality yet and I’m not even sure when it will be.

I do know that I will be using a WordPress script once I find a theme I’m happy with and luckily WordPress allows for importing everything from here and commenting from a variety of sites so you can all (if there’s even an all in that word) still follow my blog if you wish to. Also, while I might not comment much here, I will still mirror my blog here at least for a while.

Anyway, without further ado, here is a link to my website, which of course isn’t really functional and is only a splash page at the moment, but offers a variety of buttons to the many places you can find me online at the moment. Follow me somewhere. I’ll follow back, promise!

*Clicking the image above will take you to the site*



My lack of activity overall this year on LJ has been pretty pathetic (with the exception of the last 2 weeks oddly enough) and while part of that reason is just a general meh feeling in regards to blogging as a whole, another part of that reason is because I’ve been expressing myself elsewhere in shorter/different formats. For some reason I thought I had mentioned these things before, but apparently I hadn’t.

Sometime last year, I had created a Twitter account, though I rarely used it. In fact, I forgot about it a lot to be honest. But that’s changed. While you can’t necessarily find me on Twitter every day, you can find me there more frequently than LJ. Feel free to follow me and I’ll follow back! :)

In addition to Twitter, I now have a Tumblr. I’d been stalking Tumblr for a few months before I finally broke and created one and while mine is still fairly new, I’m really enjoying this form of sharing. It also forces me to use my Twitter account more regularly so WIN there! Like Twitter, feel free to follow me on Tumblr. I will gladly follow you back!

Lastly, and the most likely place to find me, is Facebook. While I am greatly displeased with the latest changes on Facebook, I am adjusting and still sticking around. I believe most of my account is private so you’d definitely have to “add” me in order to connect with me, but as long as you mention who you are and how you know me in your request, I will approve. :)

I should also mention the possibility of my own site for blogging purposes coming soon. I’m still not sure whether I’ll buy my own site or just use wordpress (as I’m familiar with wordpress already and it’s gaining quite the popularity these days), but I do know that something will be created in the near future to mirror this blog. LJ, sadly, has so many issues it seems and as a result many of the people I kept up with here have abandoned ship. I’m not saying I’ll totally be doing the same, I’ll just also be available to be heard in a different (and sometimes more reliable) place as well for those that have lost interest in LJ altogether.

Peace – Sarah

Those links again, in case you missed them above:

Twitter: http://twitter.com/swhisted
Tumblr: http://swhisted.tumblr.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/sarahwhisted


Get it together Kid!

A title like that can be applied to so much in my life at the moment. The Top 2 though:

1) People at my work. Men, they love drama – worse than women, I swear. Super annoying.

2) Me & Writing. I was on such a good track for a while there, but I’ve basically stared at a pile of to-be-read/revised paper on my desk for over a week. It’s time to shrink said pile, no more procrastinating. *Thanks Maggie, for some much need butt-kicking*


For the last week I’ve found myself less and less interested in being online, or at least being on Facebook (and sites like it). I don’t know what it is, maybe years of living in front of a PC is finally getting the best of me, but I actually haven’t even checked FB in the past two days. This is very unlike me, but I just don’t think I care much anymore. I mean I’ll still check it occasionally, but I really hate spending my first hour when I get home everyday reading through everything I missed while I was at work. Is that rude? There is just so much other stuff I could be doing, you know?

Last night, I cleared everything off of my desk (the larger desk collects more crap now because it has room to), and told myself to write. And I did. I didn’t get some monumental amount of words written, but I wrote. I wrote exactly what I wanted to and nothing got in the way. I will practice this more.

Peace – Sarah


“I like that no matter how it all starts, in the end of the day, everything is okay.”