Plans for the weekend?

So I just finished watching “The Runaways” starring Kristen Stewart & Dakota Fanning. I’m really not a fan of Kristen Stewart’s, but I must admit if there’s a role meant for her, it was Joan Jett. However, I was confused why the movie seemed to focus so much on Cheri Curry over Joan Jett when the talented musician of the group was Joan. With all that said, it was still a decent movie and has put me in that hardcore bad-tough girl mood, (Which I’m SOOO a fan of) therefore I’m listening to Pat Benatar.

I know, you’re thinking Pat Benatar is not Joan Jett. WTF, Sarah? The answer to your question is that when I was growing up my parents were still youngin’s themselves and my Mom LOVED Pat Benatar, therefore I LOVE Pat Benatar. It’s not to say that I don’t love Joan Jett too, but Pat was in my youth more than Joan, until I personally got into Joan on my own…. So Pat it is. (Look, I’m a child of the 80’s okay, deal with it.)

Moving on….

As for my weekend plans – here’s what’s on my agenda:

1. Saturday – Hopefully wake early to write. My goal for the weekend as a whole is 6,000 words (which is ¾ of my month’s goal) because I’m running out of time for the month and I need to get on this. PLUS I’ve been playing out the next two scenes/chapters for days on the rides to work so it *should* be easy to finish. (I hope)

Then around 5ish I am going to my parents for my grandparent’s 50th anniversary party. I can’t tell you how proud it makes me to not only have parents still together, but grandparents (on both sides) still together too. Seriously, why is this lost to our society? What happened to love – forever? It makes me proud of them so I’m very much looking forward to it. And, bonus – my sister and her boyfriend will just be returning from Vegas so I’m eager to hear how that went and see all the pictures (because I’m a picture kind of freak).

Then maybe more writing when I return? We’ll see I suppose. I did start reading “The Alchemyst: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel” by Michael Scott today at lunch and I MUST say it’s already really good so I may just end up reading for the night. This will be my 4th book for the month which is good IMO and for this month especially since I felt bad about buying more books than I intended. (P.S. “Need” by Carrie Jones was spectacular, just saying. Thanks edgyauthor for the suggestion! The review I do later will tell you all about that spectacular nature :P)

2. Sunday – Hopefully I’ll write some more. This is the first weekend I’m absolutely devoting to writing (according to my revelation about not being a good writer throughout the week the other day). I truly hope I meet my 6,000 words, but deep inside I’m hoping I meet my entire months goal so that anything that happens next weekend is completely bonus and I can do a whole “Like Whoa” post… I feel so behind everyone else and even behind myself. This time last year I had so much completed. It shouldn’t be taking this long so it’s time to buckle down and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Write damn it, write!

Okay… in addition to the plans listed above – I must find time to get an oil change at some point and do the rest of the grocery shopping (which BTW I’m incredibly poor this payday with only 76 bucks left to survive on for the next two weeks. I don’t know how I’ll do it, but I am going to make it happen!) I also need to do the two loads of laundry I always face on weekends (but this certainly doesn’t matter to you as readers) and well… maybe that’s finally it.

So that’s my plans. It shouldn’t be incredibly hard. I mean I barely listed anything note worthy, but sleep summons me because I lack it so much throughout the week and for this reason it’s likely that my goals will be accomplished in shorter time frames than I anticipate. I hope I’m wrong, but I know me and I’m so damn tired. Always. Even on nights when I manage to get to bed at reasonable hours I wake up every hour with the most ridiculous nightmares it unbelievable. Dreams are nice and all, but damn they can exhaust you more than you already are. This has been my week.

So…. What are all my readers’ plans for the weekend? Anything more exciting than mine? I’d like to hear about it if so. If you’re not willing to share, I hope you enjoy it regardless. That’s what the weekends are for after all, right?

Peace – Sarah


P.S. m-stiefvater made #1 NYT Bestseller this week with “Linger”. I knew that was going to happen (what, I did?) but still I’m incredibly proud of her – as if I know her personally or something. Either way it was worth mentioning because I TOTALLY LOVED “Linger” and apparently so did the world (or the US at least). Being an aspiring writer myself, I just feel immensely happy for her – especially because despite her fame – she still remains – forever – a remarkably humble-regular kind of Maggie. She deserves it more than most people (IMO). And she goes out of her way to teach menial beings like myself and so forever I am grateful. She deserves some kind of recognition for that, right?

P.S.S. In truth I listened to 3 different Pat Benatar songs during this post, but the last one on repeat is listed. The other two were: “Love is a Battlefield” –AND- “You Better Run”. That’s all. Listen to them if you don’t know Pat girls… you’ll love it. Believe me, she’s so bad ass just like Joan.

P.S.S.S. Damn it – I was trying to post this before midnight, but I FAILED.


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  1. edgyauthor

    July 25, 2010 at 10:58 pm

    Even though Kristen Stewart will probably forever be branded as “Bella,” I’ll always remember her as the first actress I saw portraying a diabetic in film EVER. (*waves at PANIC ROOM*)

    I LOVE Pat Benatar, by the way, especially her song “Invincible.” I’m sure I’ve heard something of Joan Jett’s before, but gosh, I just can’t make myself remember any songs of hers. (Bad me!)

    Looking forward to your review of NEED! I’ve probably read that book at least five times already, I’m so obsessed with it. 😀

    I can relate to feeling behind in writing. I used to write SO MUCH, but then my progress plummeted a lot over the past couple years. It’s been a pain trying to be as accomplished as I used to be, so good luck getting back on track with your writing goals!

    I don’t really have any weekend plans; I do hope to have at least one more thing crossed off my To Do list before Sunday ends, though. (I’m looking at you, DARK VISIONS.)

    • SarahWhisted

      July 26, 2010 at 10:29 pm

      I loved “Panic Room” and actually I forget that as a kid she was better in most of her roles. As an adult though she seems so… over dramatic or something and always in the same way no matter the tone of the film. It worked for her as Joan though.

      Yay another Pat Benatar fan! Generally I’m all for bad ass rock chicks though (hmmm, maybe why my main character is one??)

      Didn’t even come close to my writing goal this weekend and I’m actually starting to get depressed about it (which I’m sure isn’t helping). It just feels like I can’t make the connection between my mind and my fingers these days. I wrote about 1,000 words yesterday morning and suddenly got stumped on this dialogue and sat there mulling over it so hard and for so long that I actually needed a nap. And when I woke up I just felt useless. What I should have done was just skip the dialogue and come back to it, but instead I’m letting it plant doubt in my mind. I’m really hoping this negativity doesn’t stick around. There’s nothing worse than back tracking. Gah!

      Hope your having success taking an axe to that to-do list, vacations so close for you now!

      P.S. I’m reading “The Alchemyst: The Secrets of Nicholas Flamel” and it’s very good – jumps right into the story/action right away. BUT I really wanted to pick up NEED again or run out and buy CAPTIVATE, or do both.

      You’ve created a monster in me.

      • edgyauthor

        July 27, 2010 at 8:20 pm

        That’s me: monsterfying readers one book recommendation at a time. 😉

        Here’s a couple links to entertain you while you wait to get CAPTIVATE, if you haven’t seen them on Beside The Norm yet:

        *Carrie Jones Interview:

        *Friday Funny:

        (Yeah, I’m shameless, haha.)

        1,000 words may not have been your goal, but it is still great progress regardless! (Especially when you factor in that awful morning you had.) I often get stuck in my writing, too, but instead of mulling it over, I walk away from it for a little bit, and while I’m busy with something else, BAM! The answer comes to me! But if that doesn’t happen and I’m STILL stuck, I look back at what I wrote and try to see if the words already there are wrong despite being good. (If that makes sense.) Sometimes deleting just one paragraph and starting anew helps change the scene enough to allow me to continue it. (You have NO idea how many good-but-wrong chapters I wrote for FLG that got trashed to make way for good-and-right ones, heh.)

        • SarahWhisted

          July 27, 2010 at 11:01 pm

          LOL @ “monsterfying readers one book recommendation at a time.” Should be your new catch phrase – lol.

          I’m heading over to BTN now to check out your links, which BTW is not shameless at all.

          And thanks for your positive outlook on my pathetic excuse for progress. I really hope I get whatever I had last year back soon. I enjoyed writing this book so much when it first hit me and even when I go back and read the old stuff I get so into the story as if I forget it’s my own (of course the writing I do now is written much better with all I’ve learned, but still…) I just hope I haven’t lost what I want so badly.

          • SarahWhisted

            July 28, 2010 at 12:18 am

            Ok for some reason Blogger and LJ are being stupid and not allowing me to post comments, but the Friday Funny was that :) and I had actually already read the interview – back when I was reading the reviews. How do you do those interviews? Via email or web chat? Pretty cool you’ve actually successful interviewed authors!

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