October: On Repeat

So it’s that time of the month again and October brought some new and some old bands (most of which Steve turned me on to). I guess we’ll start with bands you’ve seen me give shine to before first….


As I mentioned last month, their latest album came out this month and so you should have expected to see them pop up again On Repeat. In addition to buying “Room to Run” on its release date, I also bought their EP “Line ‘Em Up” and between the two albums the following tracks got a lot of love: Generation, Falling For, Can’t Explain, and Timebomb.

Another Chapter

He Is Legend

He Is Legend popped back up on my radar this month because while plotting for my NanoWrimo project I realized their sound overall fits the tone of my book so perfectly I could virtually listen to any song whether it directly related to the story or not and write to it. I imagine He Is Legend will get a lot of shine in November as well while I’m in writer-mania mode so I apologize in advance for being repetitive come November: On Repeat. Songs that got the most listens include: Stranger Danger, Decisions, Decisions, Decisions, Martini, and The Fool.

Cult of She

Now for some new additions….

I’m no newbie to Thrice, but for some reason like a lot of great bands I grew up with, I owned very little of their music prior to a few months ago. With their latest album release “Major/Minor” all of their music has been living on repeat this month. Thrice is another of those bands I can see myself listening to a lot next month while I work on my NanoWrimo novel because their overall sound just fits the tone of my story. Some of the most played tracks this month include: The Messenger, The Sky Is Falling, Silhouette, Stare at the Sun, and Promises.


Closure in Moscow
This band is new to me and so very easy to listen to (in my opinion)! Like the few bands I’ve already mentioned being NanoWrimo inspiration, Closure in Moscow also makes the cut. Songs that were played ad nauseam include: A Night at the Spleen, Deluge, and Vanguard.


Artifex Pereo
This band just might be my favorite band at the moment. Whenever I made attempts to listen to something else this month, I just kept drifting back to them. Even though only one song actually fits the story I’m working on for NanoWrimo, their sound as a whole is very easy to write to and therefore they too will likely be abused just as much next month as they were this month. In an attempt to save the “featured” book song for next months On Repeat I won’t point it out and just tell you that the following can all be considered favorites: Mrs. D (Oh, the piano!), The Pendulum (especially how it changes up after 2:15 minutes!), Fool’s Errands, Devil & Water, and Edgar Suit.

Granulated Eyelids

Tides of Man
Sadly, I’m getting into this band after the fact and the singer has since left them, but I’ve got two albums to keep me occupied for now and that makes me happy because they’re rather awesome. It might just be me, but the singer reminds me so much of the singer from the band RUSH that whenever I’m listening to Tides of Man I feel like seeing if my dad would jam to them with me just like we jammed together to RUSH growing up. Anyway, lots of tracks got a lot of play, but the following got the most:  Descent, Only Human, and Knowing.


A Lot Like Birds
As much as I love Jonny Craig’s voice in Dance Gavin Dance, I also really enjoyed the time Kurt Travis spent singing for them so when I found out he released an album of his own with a fancy new band it was sort of a no brainer to give it a shot and I wasn’t let down. My current favorites include:  Truly Random Code and Orange Time Machines Care.

Sesame Street Is No Place for Me

Well that concludes this month’s On Repeat. With NanoWrimo under foot, I’m planning a sort of “Special Edition” post for November’s On Repeat. Keep an eye out for it! 😉
Peace – Sarah


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7 Responses to "October: On Repeat"

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  1. edgyauthor

    November 2, 2011 at 2:33 pm

    First, I must say that your icon is adorable! And I love having insider knowledge about what is probably pumping through those headphones, haha. 😉

    That’s so great how He Is Legend, and even other bands, are that inspirational for your current book! CM is like that with violin music in general. Even when I know a certain song won’t be on the playlist, simply because a violin is playing (or even a cello), I can still listen to it and be inspired, heh. Hopefully all this music of yours will help you churn out a lot of words for NaNoWriMo!

    I wish I could comment more on the songs you posted about, but YouTube is a big GB-eater, and I need to be careful with my internet usage till the 14th. Still, it’s awesome to see you continuing to love the bands I remember you gushing about in the past, and that there are others new-to-me also worthy of gushing! I’ll definitely be giving these songs a listen to once I can. :)

    • SarahWhisted

      November 20, 2011 at 5:02 pm

      Haha, thanks for the icon comment. It actually might be my favorite and I’m not sure why I never thought to add it earlier on in the year. Baby Sarah loved her some Ozzy and Zeppelin. LOL!

      My NanoWrimo playlist is the shortest playlist I’ve ever had when writing a book, but it’s been ultra helpful (even if my word count is no where near where I hoped it’d be).

      I know you couldn’t listen to a lot of this, but have no fear, a CD is coming your way VERY soon with lots of goodies I can hopefully corrupt you into loving! YAY for Music Corruption! :)

      • edgyauthor

        November 20, 2011 at 7:55 pm

        *squee* Can’t wait! Music corruption is always so much fun, no matter who’s doing the corrupting between the two of us. 😛

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