My Home (at Christmas Time)

I don’t have the nicest of decorations (certainly no where near my parents which I envy), but my house is “Christmasfied” and I LOVE it!

Just the smell (Bath & Body Works Wallflowers – Vanilla Bean Noel) and the ambiance alone (low lights and Christmas music) make me super happy and totally in the Christmas mood. Every time I walk into my living room (especially) I stop and pause and remember – It’s Christmas!

Now my office (where I spend most of my time) is also decorated for Christmas…. See:

*Fit with Tay’s cardboard box house (which I wrapped for the season) because she likes the weirdest things*

But my living room looks so much more festive as a whole… See:

How do you decorate for the holidays? Do you follow a certain theme or just run with whatever you have? Do you put up multiple trees? Post pictures because I’d love to see Christmas at your home!

Peace – Sarah


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  1. edgyauthor

    December 20, 2010 at 2:18 am

    Lovin’ the pics! It’s so cool how the star actually glows on that one tree of yours. I quite like how you decorated your office, too–very festive! Also, Nappy Tay is so cute in that one pic midway through…hehe.

    I used to decorate my bedroom with my own mini Christmas tree, but I haven’t had room to do that for the past couple years. (I MUST rearrange my room already so I can set the tree by a plug-in in the future, OMG.) If I don’t forget to take some pics, maybe I’ll post some jpegs of my living room, which my mom always manages to make look holiday-esque. :)

    • SarahWhisted

      December 20, 2010 at 10:55 pm

      Thanks! We technically only decorate the office because where we used to live that little tree was all we could have, but when we moved into the apartment Mom bought us the living room tree and it just seemed silly not to just use them both. Plus, I like Christmas to be all around me all the time 😉

      I’d love to see how your Mom “Christmasfied” your living room, please do share! And next year make sure that bedroom *cough*library*cough* of yours has enough room to host your mini tree again! :)

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